A kitchen of its own, synonymous with elegance, quality and ingenuity. Words that define the dishes offered by each of our menus. In fact, there are many options that Molí Blanc Hotel gives you to taste an exquisite wedding menu, made to measure and taste.

We are open to any suggestions. We have different types of menus, adapted to all pockets and with the maximum personality.

On the one hand, you want a traditional menu, classic and elegant? Where the banquet is the center of attention at the wedding? To begin, select a snack to go let the hungry and open with a bar open throughout the service. Later, change of room and let the guests a taste of the menu settled a comprehensive and elaborate finishing with the wedding cake as a key element of a wedding banquet.

Or do you have planned a wedding cocktail menu? On the dishes were constantly coming in small portions and the guests were “pecking”? Where in the same place people can go and make exchanging seats and a menu of the most dynamic and curious? Finally, for those grooms who want to turn the concept of a wedding menu, we suggest you participate in a game of interaction between guests and kitchen.

With the menu “Corners” create unique spaces for each of the firms that offer. Perfect fusion between visual elements and composition cuisine that will not leave you indifferent.