Year by year, we have new goals, all them always based on making true the wedding of your dreams.

The Molí Blanc Hotel is a cozy, elegant and comfortable place, with a service and personalized attention and close where to celebrate, with your guests, the wedding to make it unforgettable. It is then the ideal space to differentiate your great day, making it totally special and in short, the perfect day.

We specialize in intimate weddings, small and very family weddings, from 10 to 110-120 guests. We have two great added values, one is that the Civil Ceremony can be real and valid, and the other is the comfort of being able to have the entire hotel exclusively, so that your event is completely private and personalized.

Information on prices and rental conditions for the entire space is requested. We accept external catering companies or Wedding planners for the organization of weddings.

We have precense in Bodas.net, the nowadays most influential wedding website! Click the link and see all the comments that have been written about Molí Blanc Hotel. The different spaces, both indoor and outdoor, all in exclusivity, makes your wedding unique and different. We help you personalize your big day. The catering team, along with its entire team of professionals, will translate all your dining wishes into succulent dishes.